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PostPosted: Mon Jun 06, 2016 12:19 pm    Post subject:

I am unsure if you can do it at lvl 10, although as with wrothgar, you might get scaled up to cp160.  I haven't tested it.  However, the grouping tools are better now.  They have this random queue that you can enter for extra XP, and "undaunted rewards" that include soul gems and thieves guild sets.  It's not as hard to use the group finder as it used to be.

Wrothgar has zone chat groups for the world bosses pretty regularly as those have daily quests associated with them that give you rare motif and a few drop, bind on pick up sets.  

Also gold keys now have an increased chance for shoulder, I cannot remember the drop rate now, i thought it was 100% but don't quote me on that Happy.  Silver keys also have an increased drop rate for shoulders so there is more reason to do the pledges.

PostPosted: Fri Jun 03, 2016 6:01 am    Post subject:

Anyone played the PTS know if I can do this at lvl 10. My Sap Tank/Magika NB has me bored and I have the issue where I don't want to level a character to 50 in the Ebon quests. I was thinking of taking my stam nightblage to DB but I have so little skills that idk if it is doable.

Also how are the grouping tools? Now that I am done with Doom and Total War Warhammer has died down and VR levels are gone I am thinking about coming back and doing the DLCs. I still have not finished any of them .

PostPosted: Tue May 31, 2016 3:36 pm    Post subject: Dark Brotherhood DLC now available!

Here are the patch notes.

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